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Site Updates; Chat Up!! [ 10/9/01 1:19:06 AM ]
Alright guys, sorry for the down time of the Live Chat. It is back up now (hopefully no more "snags"), except now the Live Chat is password protected. You can ask me (e-mail below, or AIM) or Davey for the password and please follow the rules below:

  • ONLY give the password to those you trust and who are responsible enough to use the Chat system appropriately.
  • Without getting into details, keep the chatting CLEAN and in good Christian spirit.
  • No "spamming", i.e. excessively repeated sentences or words to get attention or get a point across...it`s annoying and is very disrespectful
  • Keep the other rules of the Message Board in mind, i.e. no gossip, nothing offensive, excessively stupid, etc.

In other words, have loads of fun, but please, please, be careful and use good judgement. It`s bad enough that the world is saturated in negativeness that we don`t need to contribute in any way, whether it seems to be so or not to you. But we DO want you to use it as much as possible and to enjoy it to it`s fullest. Take care.

Cheers and God Bless!

- Tony
So Live Chat isn`t so `LIVE` [ 10/1/01 3:42:10 PM ]
We`ve hit a couple snags with our live chat.

In a way by voting for this rule, you've a critical first move to responding to this request.

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Its being worked on and should be fixed very soon.

Thanks for your patience!

- Davey
Chat Live Added [ 10/1/01 11:22:08 AM ]
We`ve added the ability to Chat real time!

If you click on the Chat link on the left you can still access the Forum, but now there is also a chat live graphic up top. Click on that, and enter the room :)

Guys, do me a huge favor. Please be very discerning in what you post either in the forum or in the chatroom. We have a testimony, and don`t want to lose it!


- Davey
Signs of the times [ 9/21/01 12:27:24 AM ]
I`m not sure how many of you had the opportunity to watch President Bush address the nation tonight, but those of you that didn`t see it really missed something special.

We are watching the End Times unfold before us. There is so much happening in our world today, and the pace of things happening seems to be increasing all the time. The bible encourages us to work while it is yet day, and to make the most of every opportunity. Well guys, our daylight is fading and the doors of opportunities to reach our world for Christ is closing fast. Its about time we all get serious.

If you have unsaved friends or relatives, get them on our prayer list, TODAY.

If you can`t seem to get your devotion life going, find someone who will HAMMER you and get on the ball, TODAY.

If there`s a sin in your life, talk to a counselor or your parents or pastor or SOMEBODY, just get it right, TODAY.

Our time is getting VERY short here. Lets make some noise while we still can!

- Davey
And then there was E-mail [ 9/19/01 11:00:39 AM ]
Things just keep getting better and better. We can now officially have our own e-mail accounts with this site. "So Tony, what does this mean??"

It means I get to be cool and add another e-mail account to my list like: [email protected] on top of the 2 thousand (+ or - a few) I already have! Whoohoo!

And for the very special price of a username and password, yes, YOU too can own your very own xtreme-vision e-mail account!(*clap clap clap*)

All you need to do is send me a quick, simple e-mail (click on my name at the end of this message) with the NAME you want to use for the address, and a unique PASSWORD so you, and only you, can access it. The name can be anything pretty much standard for an e-mail address like: [email protected], where the name is tony_is_a_punk. Or, even simpler, [email protected]

Also, very important that I cannot stress enough, try to make the passwords hard to guess and at least 8 characters, and try to keep it different than all the password you use. Even though I am not that kind of person, I don`t need to be seeing password where I could login to AIM using your name AND steal all your Hotmail e-mails all in one swift blow!!! ;)

- Tony
ooOOoo!! [ 9/18/01 9:46:00 PM ]
As Tony said in the message below, things are beginning to come together for our little website here. Props to Tony for all his hard work! (tell him how much you appreciate him next time you see him... better yet tickle him he LOVES that!)

Chat is now up and running, so register your name, and get typing :) Feel free to use that for whatever, but make sure play nice ok? If you say anything stupid or offensive I`ll have to delete it, and nobody wants that.

Looks like the only link that ISN`T working at the moment is the crosswalk. We`ve got some pretty cool stuff planned for that, but like everything else it takes time. Keep us and the website in your prayers. If you have any other ideas to add, send me an email. We really want to use this as a resource that can be an encouragement for us, and an outreach to those who don`t know Jesus Christ.

We have PAINTBALL coming up October 6th and our MISSIONS CONFERENCE the rest of this week (Wednesday through Sunday!), so make sure you`re there!


- Davey
More updates! [ 9/17/01 3:34:34 PM ]
All right, looks like we are getting there!

As of now, we have several links working and filled with goodies. You can now view all the mug-shots you want in the picture gallery, submit or view a prayer request, and view any an all events under Calendar. Be warned, there may be minor bugs or issues with the pages so please be patient if you encounter any. If you do, please be kind and shoot an e-mail my way by clicking on my name below.

As for the other sections, Davey is throwing together a killer page for daily inspiration and devotion called Cross Walk. That should be done soon. The Chat section will be a message board system so you can gossip¦err¦talk all you want about whatever ;). Time is tentative on that because I am waiting on someone else, so dont ask anytime soon. Note for the Gallery: there are lot of images, and the current way it is set up may take a while for most of you to load all the images. Hopefully we will be able to make it a bit cooler and friendly to you with slower Internet connections.

Ok, thats it. Cheers and God Bless!

- Tony
Tragedy [ 9/11/01 7:57:23 PM ]
Today America was shocked as thousands of souls were lost in a cowardly display of terrorism against civilian targets in New York and Washington.

I am not a writer. I will not editorialize, or sensationalize what happened today. Our Bibles are very clear regarding the signs of the end times (Matt 24:6-13) and the return of Jesus Christ for His Church. We should expect more and more tragedies and disasters as this world continues down the path toward hell.

As Christians, let us refocus on our responsiblity. Don`t let our love wax cold as Christ described of many during this time. Let us not be distracted. Let us direct our energies to those things which are eternal, the souls of men, women, boys and girls. More than ever, we have an opportunity before us to share the hope that we have of an eternal, loving God.

Please continue to pray for our country, and our President. Romans 13 verses 1 and 4 say:
1)"Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God."
4)"For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil."

- Davey
New layout more changes! [ 9/5/01 3:48:05 PM ]
The links should be working over the next several days. For those of you that have been stopping by regularly you have seen the site undergo several major format changes. Let us know if you see anything you like (or didn`t like!)

We should have a Salvation link coming up soon in addition to the links you can already see on the left. Also if you have any other ideas for links, click on my name below to send me an email with your ideas!

More to come soon!

- Davey
Updates coming soon!! [ 8/27/01 3:46:47 PM ]
Its been busy the last couple of weeks, but I promise updates are coming very soon.

The links should also be working in the next few days, so stop by again soon and try things out!

- Davey

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