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"Pray without ceasing".
-I Thessalonians 5:17

Hello! Welcome to our Prayer Request page. Prayer is a great and mighty thing. We believe it can be the most powerful tool in anyone's life. We take great joy as teens and teen leaders in praying for those who need the power of God in their lives. We make it a point to pray for everyone and to include the concerns of our community and church. Here you may take a look at the many request that have already been made or even submit your own below. As you can see, there is a great and mighty need out there, so your prayers are appreciated by those who need them, those who have the burden for them, the people that are a part of Xtreme Vision (BBC), and of course, God.

You can read about our youth group including our statement of belief here.

Submit your request now!

As you should, there is a few things that should be prayed for constantly. Here is a short, simple list of those things that always need great prayer and hope you will include these in yours daily:

  • Our country and it's political leaders (i.e. the President)
  • Your church and it's congregation
  • Your Pastor
  • Your friends, saved or not
  • Your enemies

Prayer Requests:

(Click on name for some extra info on the prayer request)
Who to Pray For Are They Saved? Request Made By Date Submitted Delete?
Unspoken Yes Jami Parsons 10/18/01
Steven Yes Tony 10/17/01
Pam Butts Yes Karen Fox 10/17/01
Jessi Lykins Yes Karen Fox 10/17/01
Britany's Family No LilKtBug 10/10/01
Andrew Yes Lindsay 10/8/01
Rebekah No Megan 9/30/01
Tracy No Sandra 9/28/01
Me No Yanni 9/27/01
Mrs. Foltz Yes Jami Parsons 9/26/01
Timmy Friesen Yes Tony H. 9/25/01
Me Yes Jami Parsons 9/25/01
Jess No Joey 9/24/01
Mikie Henslee Yes Tony H. 9/24/01
Dan Bronson No Tony H. 9/22/01
Zalifa No Tony H. 9/22/01
John Adkins No Jason 9/20/01
Ashley Cox No Jason 9/20/01
Nick, Micah, John No Jason 9/20/01
My Dad No Jenn Lynch (JJ) 9/20/01
My Future wife Yes Justin Frazier 9/18/01
Liberty University No Joey Joback 9/16/01
Myself Yes Joey Joback 9/13/01
Daisy Delekajew No Yong Nam 9/12/01
Submit your own request!

Important: To prevent malicious or useless attempts from those who have no respect, your requests will not be visible immediately. They will sit in our database pending approval for display. Please keep them sincere, clean, and non derogatory. Follow this and your Prayer Request will be up in no time!!! Thank you.
(There is a 20 character max limit on most fields, and 255 character limit on the large text fields.)

Who are you?

Who would you like us to pray for?

Is this person saved (blank for no)?

Please, tell us a little bit about this person/request:

Ok, almost there! One last thing: you can supply a password for this Prayer Request. This allows for you to be able to come back and remove the Prayer Request if needed, for example, you ask to pray for your friend's salvation and next week they get saved. We ask that you use this feature so that it helps maintain our list and keep it updated. If you choose to leave it blank, then you will not be able to remove your request and it will therefore be at our disposal.

(8 characters max. lease make it hard to guess and original. We don't want people deleting YOUR requests =) .)
Hello stranger!

We appreciate all our visitors and would love to know a bit about you both to help us better pray for you and to help us make this site as great as possible. We would also like to know if you would like to perhaps receive a bit more information about us, events, or God. Doesn't matter who you are, we want to know who is visiting us! Thank you and God Bless!


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